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Pitfalls of the digital age

ETTING mugged in Karachi is no strange phenomenon. Sad as it is, armed hold-ups have become so common in the metropolis that we have begun to accept such crimes as if they were a part of our routines, just like buying Karachi News Sources

Power of values: Our leaders need to set a better example

  KARACHI: To me the single most critical factor that gives inherent long-term strength to a company, society or a country is the presence of ‘Values’ in its culture. Values are the foundations on which great companies and nations are created. Values are the basic set of belief’s under which everyone ranging from national leaders to […]

Investigative journalism: Is it ethical to use hidden cameras?

  KARACHI: Pakistani media industry is witnessing a new fad. TV channels are increasingly making use of hidden cameras to make footages of individuals and places without their prior consent or knowledge in the name of ‘investigative journalism’. But can journalists use hidden cameras at their beck and call? The question arises: Does this always constitute […]

The deadliest state for journalists getting deadlier

Karachi International organisations representing journalists have touted Pakistan as the most dangerous country for the journalist community for th The News International – Karachi

From fishing to boxing to cycling to social work

Haji Mohammed Siddiq, 72, has an extremely unique life story to share: from being a humble fisherman in his village, he rose to become a successful bo The News International – Karachi

Too little too late: Ban on CNG kits may not be enough

  KARACHI:  Though government has decided to ban the import of CNG kits and cylinders, it has to do much more to make this ban effective enough to control the expansion of CNG sector and the gas shortage in country, industry officials said. The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the cabinet on Thursday approved the […]

H2O powers: The fountain of youth

  KARACHI: We’ve all heard time and again that “drinking water is good for health” but have never taken it seriously. Here are some of the reasons on why you should pick up that glass of water and take a few sips. Weight loss Water is quite possibly the single most important catalyst in losing weight […]

The state of the West when the East fell

Having been arrested for writing a pamphlet against the Shah of Iran and General Yahya Khan, I vividly remember hearing the news in Central Jail Karac The News International – Karachi

Nokia sees Pakistan becoming a high-growth market

  KARACHI: Foreign delegates and local entrepreneurs discussed challenges facing businesses, sought greater industry-academia collaboration and highlighted business models to succeed in an emerging market at the 12th Management Association of Pakistan (MAP) Convention on Leadership Challenges for Business Success here on Wednesday. Emerging markets will account for 80% of the world’s growth the next decade […]

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